Whilst I will always recommend a varied, balanced diet comes first when looking to improve our health, there is a place for Supplements. But they are exactly what the word means – a supplement to your diet. I’m qualified in Dietary Supplement Advice, so if you have any questions about supplements and which ones will suit you, please do get in touch. As a qualified practitioner, I get discounted supplements. I’ve chosen a few, good quality manufacturers to work with. I’m pleased to share discounts to the following Nutraceutical companies: (Discount details are below)

Pharmanord: www.pharmanord.co.uk Please use discount code HAPPINESS10 to receive 10% discount

Feel: Use this link to receive 20% off automatically

Zooki: www.zooki.co.uk Please use discount code: ALISOND20 to receive 20% discount

Nutri Advanced: www.NutriAdvanced.co.uk Please email me your requirements and I can get them sent to you with 15% discount