Workshops & Webinars

I have a big passion for helping educate people about Nutrition and how it can impact their lives. I really want people to understand that they CAN have control of their health. For this reason, I run a variety of workshops – both Virtual and Physical. Topics range from Back to Basics, to Tummy Troubles to Sleep. See below for current booking and availability. Each workshop comes with a guide to take away and occasionally free gifts! If you have any questions regarding my workshops, please contact me.

Upcoming Workshops & Webinars:

How Diets Work

In this FREE Webinar, I’ll be discussing how diets work, how you can understand more about how your diet can change for good, and reach the confidence that we all strive for. Register below for details on when this webinar will be repeated.

More workshops & webinars coming soon – please come back to book on!

Feedback from previous attendees:

I really enjoyed it.  I think it was good that you went round and asked everyone what they were interested in. Also, you came across really well, easy to follow and well presented. I’m trying to think of areas of improvement, but I can’t!”

– Michelle

I can definitely recommend this! Alison knows her stuff, and although I decided on a glass of rose wine as my health workshop beverage of choice, I was not shamed at all! Lots of interesting info (and awesome logo too)

– Carly

“I attended an online session over Zoom recently and would highly recommend joining – it would be great to attend in person but it worked really well over Zoom.  Alison is very knowledgeable and happy to answer ad hoc questions as well as covering a wide range of topics.  I found it really useful to understand about sleep patterns and other aspects of health as well as nutrition.

– Hannah