Personalised Diet Programme with DNA testing – further info

Personalised Diet Programme with DNA testing – further info

This is my latest 8 week programme and offers you the chance to get to your goal weight with support and coaching from me. Click here to read my personal statement regarding the personalisation of weight loss.

This programme INLCUDES DNA testing.

The basis of this 8 week journey, is to evaluate your metabolic profile and to build a personalised programme, tailored for you. I believe in identifying your body’s natural tendencies and your own eating traits as the most important steps to help achieve your weight goals, which we will discuss in detail.

“Everyone is different, so what helped your friend lose weight, may not work for you.”

For that reason, I use science-based assessments and advanced tools to pinpoint the unique needs of each client and to build a personalised programme that works.

For me to understand what your specific nutrient requirements are, we need to undertake a series of “software-analysed” assessments that evaluate the following:

• Your current diet and health status

• Your metabolic profile

• Your weight loss goals

• Your eating behaviours

Coupled with OPTIMAL HEALTH – DNA testing (RRP £99)

16 reports with risk scores and explanations.

Optimal Health evaluates the main genetic variants in genes that regulate:




Appetite Regulation

Omega 3-6 Balance

Propensity to higher BMI


Cholesterol Insights

Blood sugar balance

Saturated fat balance

This Personalised Diet Programme provides:

• Weight Gain Assessment and Analysis

• Client Health Check Questionnaire

• Food Addiction Assessment with Results

• Change Action Planning

• Food Frequency Questionnaire

• 24-hour Food Recall Diary

• Metabolic Assessment and Body Composition Analysis

• Food Intolerance Assessment and Symptom Monitoring Workbook

• Weight Loss Personality Test with Recommendations

• Food Relationship Questionnaire with Scores

• Sleep-Wake Cycle Questionnaire

• Perceived Stress Scale Test

• Gradual creation, implementation, and fine-tuning of your personalised nutritional programme

• Written reports with your assessments’ results, which we will discuss together at length

• Support and fine-tuning from me to ensure we understand everything about your unique nutritional needs throughout the programme

• Daily Food Diary records analysed by me with recommendations returned every week

• Your personal diet plan and Shopping List with carefully selected foods and drinks which are best for your weight goals

• An in-depth discussion about your typical eating behaviours and how we can optimise your food practices around your schedule

• Specific actions steps and physical activity planning to support your programme and improve your body composition

• Regular monitoring and fine tuning of your personalised weight loss plan

• Extensive explanation about the benefits of your recommended foods, mealtimes and eating practices

• Tips for your groceries shopping, food preparation, and meal planning

• Session Summary Handouts at the end of each session with your body composition metrics, a record of your progress, your goals, next steps, and action points

I run this programme with a limited amount of concurrent spaces to allow for maximum results and due to the amount of personalisation this programme entails. For more information please contact me here. Or Call: 020 38938639

When I take on a client for this programme, it requires commitment from the client to experience positive improvements. You will get my personal support throughout the duration of the programme to ensure we implement the strategies and follow up on your weight loss goals.

There are limited places available on each course to enable me to give the time to each of my clients. When you join one of the 8 week courses, as a minimum, you will get:

  • Recipe ideas
  • 1 hour minimum consultation session every week to keep you on track and supported – recorded and accessible to you for 6 months after the programme has finished
  • Access to my Clinic Toolkit for your progress tracking and assessments
  • UNIQUE TO YOU plan and support – currently delivered virtually due to COVID restrictions.
  • Client discounts, including supplements, any further consultation, webinars etc.
  • Meal plans if required
  • Invitation to “Keeping In Touch” group that allows you to have access to me for any questions you may have after our time together has ended for a small monthly fee.