Offers & Freebies!

Offers & Freebies!

Everyone likes a Freebie every now and again? I offer a free, no obligation 30 minute chat. We can use this invaluable 30 minutes to gauge if we’d like to work together to help you gain control of your health.

Download my E-Book for free here.

See below for free tips, fact sheets & recipes. Every now and again, I send out samples. If you’d like to receive these samples, please use the Contact Me form.


For some inspiration, I have some FREE healthy recipes to download here

Fibre Fact Sheet

Food containing fibre takes up more space than food that does not. That usually means that we feel fuller after we eat it, making fibre an effective weight control aid….Click here to access.

Food For Excercise Sheet

Before Exercise: Your main source of fuel during exercise is carbohydrate. You therefore need to ensure sufficient supplies to maintain performance……Click here to access.

PMS & Hormone Health

Premenstrual Syndrome affects many (approx. 80%) women to varying degrees during the 7-14 days before their period begins. The female body is constantly changing….. Click here to access.

FREE recipes

If you’re after some inspiration for mealtimes, I have some FREE healthy recipes to download here