Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Here you can find Testimonials and Feedback from clients and workshop/webinar attendees…

I have been working with Alison for almost a year now and have been very impressed with the amount of personalisation and passion Alison brings to our sessions. I have struggled with tummy issues all my life but things were starting to get unmanageable about a year and a half ago. I had various tests that concluded it was IBS and could only be treated via amendments to my diet. After following a low fodmap diet unsuccessfully I decided to work with Alison to find a more sustainable approach. Alison is very thorough and had me doing a number of detailed food diaries- something I did not enjoy but were absolutely necessary! One of the things we discovered is that I have zero tolerance to milk! Now, I’m not a dairy person so never drank a lot of milk but I started eating porridge with full fat milk ( all we had in fridge for the children) and started to get chronic constipation where I would literally be up in the middle of night in agony at least once a week. Alison suggested lactose free milk and since then my tummy has been so much happier! She also advised on many other areas which have not only better educated me around food but have also made me so much more comfortable. I couldn’t recommend Alison enough!” – Carolyn

Alison is passionate about her subject area and in particular is very knowledgeable about current discussions/topics which I find very useful.  She is very easy to talk to and explains everything really well which makes it easy to understand then apply to daily life. Highly recommended!” – Michelle

“I attended an online session over Zoom recently and would highly recommend joining – it would be great to attend in person but it worked really well over Zoom.  Alison is very knowledgeable and happy to answer ad hoc questions as well as covering a wide range of topics.  I found it really useful to understand about sleep patterns and other aspects of health as well as nutrition.” – Hannah

“I have attended two of Alisons workshops now, one in person and one virtual. Both worked really well and I learned a lot from both of them which I intend to incorporate in my every day routine. Very sound advice. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition but clearly, there was a lot I didn’t know! The workshop style worked for me too as not only were we enabled to interact and ask questions but also could talk to each other and learn from each others experiences. I’m looking forward to more workshops with Alison ” – Jen

Thank you so much for the session today.  Do please feel free to use this testimonial if it is useful to you.  I found your knowledge and experience and practical approach to nutrition so helpful.  You quickly understood what I was trying to achieve and you gave me so much useful information that I can now easily apply it to my day-to-day life.  You are a very easy person to speak to, and what I loved about you is that there was no judgement at all, just useful help and advice that can be easily applied and maintained.  I’m amazed that we covered so much ground in just an hour – it was an education for me!  Your advice was very much appreciated – thank you! I will be recommending you to all my friends and colleagues.  I have saved so much time and effort by spending an hour with you!” – Laura

I can definitely recommend this! Alison knows her stuff, and although I decided on a glass of rose wine as my health workshop beverage of choice, I was not shamed at all! Lots of interesting info (and awesome logo too)” – Carly

“I ‘attended’ Alison’s last online nutrition workshop and found it extremely helpful. It provides a broad range of topics all with helpful and useful tips and how everyday small changes can benefit your health. highly recommend.” – Yvonne.

I have met many nutrition/diet therapists that recommend different tablets or supplements as part of healthy eating. In my experience they rarely listen to me, and always push one product – which inevitably doesn’t work. I met Alison and her approach was totally different, she listened, was much more professional, and it became evident that she had done a lot of research into a variety of solutions.If you are concerned about your health and considering changing your diet or including supplements, I strongly recommend you speak to Alison for a really well researched answer” -Jon

“I have watched with interest a number of Alison’s presentations and webinars. Alison has a great skill in making the complicated understandable and I always come away with something that I can implement in my daily life. Alison’s presentations are balanced and she is always quick to remind us all that we are all different and what works for one person may need to be adjusted to work for somebody else. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alison to anybody that needed help with their diet or weight loss.” – Ian