Hi, I’m Alison Dawkes

Owner/Founder, Nutritional Therapist & Gut Health Expert

I believe we all can live a life with vitality.  It’s available to us when we understand what our individual needs are, and can meet those needs without feeling restricted.  Our health can be taken for granted, until we no longer have it.  I strongly believe our health should be given priority and an education for it to thrive and for us to thrive.  I want to make a difference to peoples’ lives!

It’s my mission to create understanding and empowerment to help control our health through Nutrition and Lifestyle, individually.  I believe we should enjoy nourishing our bodies to allow us to live a full life with vitality and balance.  I want everyone to understand they are individual and unique, therefore, their nutritional needs are too. 

So, if you are struggling with any tummy troubles or have had enough of the “fad” diets, and want to make a change for good, then get in touch today! I look forward to working with you on your journey to reach your health goal.


Certified Nutritional Therapist
Certified Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor
Certified Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner
Certified Detox Specialist
Certified Dietary Supplements Advisor
Certified Stress Management Advisor

Additional Courses

Overlooked Nutrients for Immune Support
Mental Wellbeing: A Nutritional Approach
Blood Glucose Control: A Nutritional Approach
Coenzyme Q10
Q10 & Selenium
Chronobesity & Chronotypes
Introduction to Cancer Risk
Appetite Neurochemistry Part 1
Appetite Neurochemistry Part 2
Omega 7
Chromium Gluco Control

Some feedback from clients...


"I found your knowledge and experience and practical approach to nutrition so helpful.  You quickly understood what I was trying to achieve and you gave me so much useful information that I can now easily apply it to my day-to-day life. "


" You are a very easy person to speak to, and what I loved about you is that there was no judgement at all, just useful help and advice that can be easily applied and maintained. "